Thursday, April 22, 2010

SABADO:: Dia de la Mujer

Zoe, I love you but I'm not in love with you. I couldn't get it together to want to leave my comfortable home to support a 1:45 time slot. We got in when Jason Bentley was doing his thing in the Rave Tent. This gave us a chance to check out the Rose Garden VIP where the fancy food trucks from LA were stationed, so they say. Me vale... on to the Mojave.

Camera Obscura were so great to watch. Beautiful women, with beautiful dresses singing beautiful songs on beautiful instruments. I hope my camera obscura caught that (cheesy joke day, thanks to compadre).

Beach House I've been missing out and now I must see them at the Hollywood Bowl, this music carries you on a lullaby over broken rainbows. Her voice is haunting and managed to zone us out a bit (in a great way) even though it was hot and we were far. That's an accomplishment.

The Gossip's Beth Ditto is not Paquita la del Barrio. Yes, they're both shiny dressed big girls who can belt out the jams and have a loyal gay following (well before Paquita's comments) but that's it. Beth Ditto let us have it, how does she do this? Song after song with so much grace and ease. Before they started anonymous shirtless kid asked if they were good, my reply was "yeah, just wait". I left as the boy was losing his mind dancing to Lady Marmalade; converted.

I think I would have been more in love with the Raveonettes set if they were at night. I wanted to hear their fuzzy calavera surfer sound bounce off walls and I wanted to sway back and forth slowly as I surrendered to the noise. That didn't happen, instead we were happy to encounter our friends here and we made a scene. Sorry other fans.

Oh the XX and their "Wicked Games" wannabe song. They had such a huge crowd that I couldn't even give them attention. Instead we escaped the exxodus by having hamburger sliders round 2 and waiting for Hot Chip. Hot Chip, real laid back. They got us dancing but not nearly as hard as !!! did that one year in that tent. Remember? That was great. We left early because we had a date with Andrea at 8:10 back at the Mojave.

Aterciopelados why have I forsaken thee? Really I've been missing out. El Dorado is one of my favorite albums of all time. I made it a point to play Aterciopelados on every show of KCSB's La Onda Radial. But for some reason after that pink album I stopped following. Seeing her in my home giving respect "para los indigena de Indio" made me swoon. TE AMO!! She's on this mother earth tip that I'm loving. It was hilarious to hear the crowd chant "te dige que no y te cagastes de rrrisa". The white kids just bopped along sin saber nada. Jajajajajaaa.

We walked around thinking that Andrea should have kept singing. The fans screamed 'otra otra' and then 'cuuulero' to the roadie dudes already setting up for Major Lazer. Carlos and Ivan stuck around for Diplo's non-stop touch of gold. Apparently the tent went wild while the girls and I caught MGMT from afar. 'Time to Pretend' was playing while I was trying to get the line of four girls into the flushing toilet portables. It was a bunch of 'andale no sean malos...' to get in before they cleaned them. If you plan it right you never wait too long nor enter a porto potty ever. Trust.

Muse is a band made for stadium performances. Their music is immense and can be compared to those bands of yesteryear. Watching them play with lasers while his voice carried into the desert wind took me to the era of Queen. Obviously I was never at a Queen show, but he could be our Freddy Mercury. It all would've been perfect until the desert wind also kicked up the allergies. DAMN! We retreated for some Odwalla and nutrition. As we walked over to our spot to watch Muse closer to tissue accessibility we noticed how trashed the grounds were. Worst ever.

The Dead Weather are amazing. Jack White seems to do no wrong and this group is also on the side project honor roll. The girl from the Kills rocks hard with the the men she's on stage with, she was great. Mochi was on the text and live stream (in Iowa) loving it. Next time you're in town and they're in town, we're there.

Sia I don't know how I ended up by myself here but I was. Because I wanted to and I knew all roads met at Devo next door. Sia is cute, her songs make you smile and she herself was so full of energy while I was not. Everything was upbeat until she began to sing Madonna's "Oh Father". I can't relate to that song but I couldn't help and get a bit emotional. There's always one performer that gets you, I walked away when song ended, I just didn't want to go there. Devo was being Devo, we watched them from our secret exit and said good night to day two.


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