Wednesday, April 7, 2010

buried alive

i watch the show hoarders, a little too much. it just intrigues me to see people become possessed by their possessions. some of us are owned by our homes and cars, working hard to pay them off but this hoarding thing is a little different. it's trash to us, but to them it's theirs.

i'm always making up stories about my neighbors (in my head) and this morning the jungle house with the parked car full of trash had visitors. on his way to work carlos saw the cops outside that house. i went out to see a sheriff and several cops outside still talking, animated with their hands. i asked the postal worker dropping off mail if she knew what happened. she said the coroner was there-they found a dead body. i didn't ask much, i just said that we really have to take care of our elders. in my head, the person found is an older man, his house full of papers, junk mail, books and cats. his home became a great tomb like the pharaohs of egypt. what is trash to us, is gold to them. rest in peace.

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