Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heat, Heroes and Spicy Pie

Carlos and I have been going to shows together since 2002. We've followed our favorite musicians to the bay area, to San Luis Obispo, to Mexicali and all over the Los Angeles area to support the music we love. Then we got pregnant and our dates with the night became less frequent. Coachella changed for us, what was first a place to see the bands we had been fanatical about on the biggest stage of their career has become the space for us to discover or reconnect with bands we love. It's fun to see other musicians as fans. We've seen the members of Cafe Tacuba walking the fields every year since 2001, we've seen Thom Yorke gush over the fact that he's playing right after the Pixies. It's cute to see, but here are my top 3 favorite encounters:::

The Arcade Fire- I had just found out I was pregnant and Carlos had just had gall bladder surgery a week before. We still were there, slow motion and on a different level. The Arcade Fire had been given the honored sunset time slot at the Outdoor theater. They gave a memorable show and later on during Bright Eyes set there they were there. I told Regine this was my home and thanks for playing, I rambled happily. They shook our hands, she felt my belly.

Elefant- Diego Garcia is a tall gorgeous Argentino. We had seen his band like 5 times in 2003, Carlos and I told him after a show that we would be seeing him at Coachella one day. That's true, we really were into that first album and believed in him. Then guess who comes up to Carlos while we're walking through Coachella but Diego himself. Like what?!? Nos saluda con besito y abrazito y todo. Ahhh great.

Huell Howser- This is the most recent OMG moment of celebrity status. I may have strutted/skipped my 8 month pregnant belly towards him but I just had to. I wanted to thank him and then I end up on his show. Great time.

It's not just about the people you encounter, or the friends you spot out in the mass of thousands, or the complete beatdown you get just from walking from the parking lot... it's the total experience. I'll stop when it's not fun for me anymore. I look forward to the sunny cloudless day, the tent to stage shuffle, the $6 pizza slice. Doesn't bother me yet.

Plan smart for the sun set. Some of my favorite memories are watching the sun go down as the magic begins. When the sun goes down it becomes a different party.

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