Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Favorite Place: Barnsdall Art Park

It has art, view, art views. Take a class, have a picnic, take a tour...whatever you do here know that you're on top of the best in the city.

Enero 2012

The year is here, that one that the Mechista at UCR said would end the world. I was 15, clapping for Chicano powers when we broke off into smaller workshops, I just followed the cutest long haired boy. My goal is to not stay in LA. I need a break, we need a break. I made a resolutions to not make a resolution but just to be cuter, wear more dresses and dance more, write more. I took not a single picture this month, wrote not a single letter just went places to be there. To savor the flavor. I held new life this month and celebrated new babies to come. Celebrated birthdays with food and jumpers and candy. I danced with little kids, I hugged friends hard that I hadn't seen since 2011. I felt softer bodies, heard life goals nodded and agreed. I started to tutor, began a writing class and seriously started the UCR application. I saw movies in an actual theater, sharing popcorn with little hands to watch Happy Feet 2 and Beauty and the Beast. Had mama dates with girls that can relate and started watching the news again, just to know what I don't want to know. I'll take pictures in February.