Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my favorite music of the decade

  1. the arcade fire
  2. bjork
  3. blonde redhead
  4. cafe tacuba
  5. the health club
  6. interpol
  7. m.i.a.
  8. radiohead
  9. tv on the radio
  10. yeah yeah yeahs

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LA river laundry day

you know you're total spoiled first worlder when your washing machine breaks. a friend suggested i do it 'old school' style and take the laundry down to the LA river because she claims she has seen it done before. pants on fire!

i waited for my blue hamper to fill, my blue ikea bag, my 99 cents purple bag to finally give in and go down to the laundromat. i know millions of people do this and i've spent many hours at them but once you find an apartment with washer/dryer hook ups life changes. but how does one spend 30 dollars to wash clothes? watch how it's done.

taking a 20 dollar bill to the local laundromat proved a roadblock. the change machine only accepts singles and fives. i walk out to the hugos tacos and buy the cheapest snack. 2 pastelitos de manzana and coffee. i take up 4 of the machines that say 'triple load' speed queens and realize that's a lot of funk. waiting for clothes to wash is no fun. so i go next door to video czar and open an account. i make it a zooey daschanel double feature (yes man, gigantic) for later and wait for dryer. then i realize that i'm hungry and not about to go home to make dinner so i order up some chicken wraps from sepan chicken. spoiled to the millionth.

Friday, October 2, 2009

the biggest gang in the world

when babies are born they seem so perfect in every way. once they learn independence and the bad ways of their older siblings you feel a bit different. my son needs the lord, and now. madrina was my sister friend since 5th grade and padrino was carlos' partner in crime before me. we found the most mexican church in the neighborhood and dropped some names to gain a very private ceremony. we had a great time, and nothing seals the deal better than tacos.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

siganme los buenos

the mayans say that we only have 3 years left. to prepare myself i married a guatemalan and moved to a city that offers a lot of fun. i also call the desert of coachella valley home. it doesn't matter that i've lived in LA since 2005...i know i'm a tourist here, just like you. think about it.