Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I still listen to the radio, in the car and in the kitchen for hours. Cumbia hour on La Raza, KCRW, KPCC, KDAY and Hot 92.3. On the ride on the 134 I learned about the Weekend Goodies that I'm sharing with you because hibernation is DONE. Hit the streets callejeros, that's why we live in LA right? For the fun. What's better than gooey cheese in bread. Nada, dough and cheddar is delicious for young and old. Eat it here. Then there's this, closer to us. My husband who makes beer decided one day that he would like to start making bread, like a master baker. I don't doubt that one day he'll be baking those loaves but for now supporting bakers is all we could do.

gente que no

I really wanted to fight and battle and toss little shorts and her orange clipboard to the floor for thinking she had power. We saw about 100 people walk in after our list was dismissed. I came out tonight as a lover, a lover not a peleonera. I could've gone there, easily but all I wanted to do was hug my husband and treat him to a night out for lovers. We went to LALA's instead and chatted it up and ate too much chimichurri. He said he'll write a letter of complaint. It was incredible to see not a brown face walk in, this is why we stay away from this part of town. I know I wanted to get the coraje out because these next few days will be full of love. Santiago's 3rd Birthday Melee starts tomorrow at 3pm and ends the following day, seriously. I won't let gente que no get the best of me. Love love.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Strange Ramblings in Aztlan 2016

YOOO!!! It's been almost 4 years since the last entry and that's so unfair to all my fans. Both of you? Anyone? Ok, solo yo misma. I'm keeping this amazing title even though I no longer live next to the LA River. I'm still a madre and the 2012 spiritual portal still exists and I'm still doing it all for "mis hiiiiijos" yes, real llorona style. Things haven't changed much just our zip codes. Ok, a lot has changed. Muchas cosas and full circles and dead end streets and yielding and all the street sign metaphors from the California DMV handbook have happened. I'll start this pity party tomorrow. Tengo sueƱo and my double ear infection needs a rest. Huh? love.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinche Pendeja Rubia

I really tried to like xoJane, which is Jane Pratt's new online venture. Reading Sassy made me feel so empowered. As a young Latina growing up it opened my eyes to a new world and I felt smart and empowered to read the beautiful voices of young women. I read Jane when I couldn't find Bust magazine at news racks and when I moved to LA I even subscribed to Jane. I even submitted an article in to the "It Happened to ME" section because I needed $1,000 and my gall stone surgery almost killed me in 2003 and I wanted to share the glory. I received in email saying that they couldn't use it at the time. And the next month, Jane magazine was over. Now it's back since late of last year and I liked them on facebook only to get my walled spammed with too many articles about body image, addiction, hair dye, drugs, and body image in a "let me laugh at my fat before they do" kinda way that kills me. I thought I would love it but it's horrible. The website became a community blog for women who go to constant therapy and want you to look at them. The same bloggers are featured constantly and today after attempting to get through Emily's blog about going blonde she says...
And really, does anyone believe that blondes are having that much damn fun? You know who has a lot of fun? Sluts, of all colors. And drunk people. And children, because they're stupid.
This shit don't make mamabear smile anymore and unliking xoJane and their pathetic little stories made me feel empowered. That subject line up there was my original comment to the post then I deleted it and deleted them. Pos ni modo. Why did this post make me so mad?!
Do you remember the time?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coachella 2012: The Next Episode

I was back when the sun was setting on the last day. No one complains anymore on the price of food, the heat, the crowds on those last hours, you just don't want it to end. Hanging out with friends, listening to music and enjoying the moment is the Coachella experience we all wait for annually and why we get tickets before the line-up is even announced. We'll stop when the fun is over. We met up with the crew for At the Drive-In. If you know this band then you know their sound, their energy and the hair. I'm a girl that's into guys and their hair and now that Cedric is older and more llenito I couldn't stop looking. ATDI, filled that spot in my heart when Rage broke up. But even if I loved Rage, I was no longer angry so ATDI was a force that I couldn't consume. They're bad ass, and proud brown rockers. Checka. We wondered if the American Sign Language translator that usually stands on main stage and outdoor theater got paid extra for their set, because really... Carlos and I moved on over for DJ Shadow before the Snoop/Dre show. We had already missed much but that one album is personal so any beats from him, for even a minute was a must do. We get to see him in an orb with projections all over the stage. We bopped our heads, tapped our feet, raised our hands in the air to beat recognitions. All that, then Zach's voice sounded too real over the beats and there he was...Mr. De la Rocha jumped out of no where and joined DJ Shadow. I just threw bodies to the side to get close. This person got closer, good video. Ahhh, perfect. DJ Shadow said he was ending his set because he wanted to get to see Dre and Snoop and we just clapped and moved back to Outdoor theater. I finally got excited about this gangsta party after seeing local kids with no wristbands in swap meet clothes mobbing to the front. I was in high school when the Chronic and Doggystyle came out, I wasn't a chola but I loved those albums and all the parties played these songs and that's all I wanted to hear. Those two albums, not Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, 50, all that. Warren G, toda via pasa but a hologram Eazy E, some Ice Cube, Michel'e bring them! Even Cypress Hill, instead of the House of Pain cover. I'm writing assuming you saw it all on streaming but that was the show. It was fun to dance to that music that is 20 years old and a high school soundtrack, and I kept screaming when Tupac came out because his movements were so Avatarish. But when all the guests came out it took from Dre and Snoop time. Should of brought all of these homies. The live band brought the funk, but I wanted more G-Funk, if this weekend brings George Clinton and Parliament...oooohh. Pos, ya que se hace. Til next year.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coachella 2012: Sunday the 15th

They're not streaming Weekend 2. Perhaps we all laughed too much at Hologram Tupac!? Now we won't know if they could recreate that or do hologram Eazy-E? I'll get to that later but it was a moment in Coachella history.
Butcherettes is Teri Gender Bender, de Guadalajara Mexico. I've been following them online and I've been missing out on the small shows they've had here at the Echo, Spaceland and the Bootleg. She's wild and her live shows are wild, bloody wild and she was rumored to dance in her own piss at Lollapalooza. So yes I had to be front row for this. First thing I said was "hey that's not the dude from the Locust, that's the dude from At the Drive-In." Her band has yet metamorphosed again, with Omar Rodriguez Lopez and a female drummer. She was fun to watch, her movidas were insane and she climbed the rafters like a loca should. Then at the end of her set she jumps off the stage and runs to the middle of the grass. I'm sure there's pictures out there with me right next to her, we chanted, we raised her up and took her back to the Gobi. I said 'cuidado con la palma!' as she almost cut herself taking pictures, but I'm sure she could handle it. Fall in love with her too. Angie said Metronomy (same time) was awesome and then conflict #2 for the day was Santigold vs. Seun Kuti and Egypt 80. Goldenvoice put funkybeat against afrobeat at the exact same time and I wanted to do both but once Seun Kuti started you couldn't pull me away. We walked up to the front and stood mesmerized in front of a dozen musicians, including two dancers that moved like no one at Coachella. We did not stop dancing, I don't even remember when Angie left, it was the best. Here's how the white kids loved it. We clapped loudly and moved on to Santigold. Note the obnoxious unused VIP section, mierda. Santigold, we actually got to see the last 3 songs but trust...if given the opportunity I would miss her again for Seun Kuti, that good. The funk continued when she ended her set to Big Mouth. This song is so funky live. We walked back to the outdoor theater, to sit through Los Growlers. They're local boys who sound like local boys from the surf 60s era, with a mariachi horn here or there. Perfect sunny grooves from another Muppet of a man. We heard their full fuzzy set then had time to get more Crab Fries to feed the weekend's foodie addiction. Wild Flag was next, Carrie Brownstein got her Sleater Kinney grrrls (minus one) to play music again. She must've been annoyed with dorks screaming Portlandia quotes because she said "thanks for watching" and Carlos says people chattered "I didn't know she made music"...annoying. But I'll admit that Angie and I looked out for Fred Armisen. I even went to the gate with some trash to see if I could toss my trash backstage, I did do that. Rockera. I had to do a costume change so part deuce...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Coachella 2012: Saturday the 14th

I woke up late Saturday and played with my kids in the real Coachella, California. We had pizza and then I dropped them off at Casa Hernandez/Johnson. I got to Coachella fest late, by the time St. Vincent was in the Gobi. So I missed out on Azealia Banks, who is 2 legit 2 quit so I know I'll see her soon. She's part vogue, house and hip-hop and is all 90s, and even has a song like where were you in '91 (similar to M.I.A) but she has her own estilo and was born in 1991. She's doing it right, google it.
St. Vincent, is beautiful Annie Clark and her band. Her voice is celestial, old school musical voice. Like Wizard of Oz, like Judy Garland and Julie Andrews, that kind of classical pretty. Compa Joaquin said she looked like Micheal Jackson. She's good, her band is good and then she does a song called krokodil that made her badass. Here's a clip. Not mine. We passed through Feist and Bon Iver and towards Godspeed You! Black Emperor for more stuff Carlos likes. I'm not hating it's just that apocalyptic music that scares me, especially since it was loud and we were up close. These men sat in a circle in chairs playing the shit out of their instruments with hyper images of chaos on the screen, like a musical seance with no rhyme or reason just strings a lo pendejo. Still not hating, it's just I'm not on drugs.
Radiohead is the real reason why I came back to the polo grounds today because I love Thom Yorke, that muppet of a man. We stood close to a tower of speakers, we heard his little assholeness loud and clear, when fans shouted "we love you!!!" he responded with "I love you too...just not as much as you think I do". Cabroncito. At this point, I am a lame Radiohead fan because I just want him to play Ok Computer, Kid A and Amnesiac and that's it. My favorite song of his set was Lucky and when he goes into "pull me out of the plane crash" I think I literally fell back into Carlos with the lights and toda la cosa. The set felt short, I wanted fireworks or some covers, I wanted to hear Airbag, I wanted more spacey shit. This dude who was still clapping by himself after the show was way over and people were walking away said "I can't believe he did Neil Young" I just shrugged my shoulders as he walked away with his blue light on his head. That little diddy before Everything In It's Right Place was a cover. Yo queria mas. Our friend Sarah hates this band. We all love this band, girl he says your name.