Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coachella 2012: The Next Episode

I was back when the sun was setting on the last day. No one complains anymore on the price of food, the heat, the crowds on those last hours, you just don't want it to end. Hanging out with friends, listening to music and enjoying the moment is the Coachella experience we all wait for annually and why we get tickets before the line-up is even announced. We'll stop when the fun is over. We met up with the crew for At the Drive-In. If you know this band then you know their sound, their energy and the hair. I'm a girl that's into guys and their hair and now that Cedric is older and more llenito I couldn't stop looking. ATDI, filled that spot in my heart when Rage broke up. But even if I loved Rage, I was no longer angry so ATDI was a force that I couldn't consume. They're bad ass, and proud brown rockers. Checka. We wondered if the American Sign Language translator that usually stands on main stage and outdoor theater got paid extra for their set, because really... Carlos and I moved on over for DJ Shadow before the Snoop/Dre show. We had already missed much but that one album is personal so any beats from him, for even a minute was a must do. We get to see him in an orb with projections all over the stage. We bopped our heads, tapped our feet, raised our hands in the air to beat recognitions. All that, then Zach's voice sounded too real over the beats and there he was...Mr. De la Rocha jumped out of no where and joined DJ Shadow. I just threw bodies to the side to get close. This person got closer, good video. Ahhh, perfect. DJ Shadow said he was ending his set because he wanted to get to see Dre and Snoop and we just clapped and moved back to Outdoor theater. I finally got excited about this gangsta party after seeing local kids with no wristbands in swap meet clothes mobbing to the front. I was in high school when the Chronic and Doggystyle came out, I wasn't a chola but I loved those albums and all the parties played these songs and that's all I wanted to hear. Those two albums, not Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, 50, all that. Warren G, toda via pasa but a hologram Eazy E, some Ice Cube, Michel'e bring them! Even Cypress Hill, instead of the House of Pain cover. I'm writing assuming you saw it all on streaming but that was the show. It was fun to dance to that music that is 20 years old and a high school soundtrack, and I kept screaming when Tupac came out because his movements were so Avatarish. But when all the guests came out it took from Dre and Snoop time. Should of brought all of these homies. The live band brought the funk, but I wanted more G-Funk, if this weekend brings George Clinton and Parliament...oooohh. Pos, ya que se hace. Til next year.

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