Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coachella 2012: Sunday the 15th

They're not streaming Weekend 2. Perhaps we all laughed too much at Hologram Tupac!? Now we won't know if they could recreate that or do hologram Eazy-E? I'll get to that later but it was a moment in Coachella history.
Butcherettes is Teri Gender Bender, de Guadalajara Mexico. I've been following them online and I've been missing out on the small shows they've had here at the Echo, Spaceland and the Bootleg. She's wild and her live shows are wild, bloody wild and she was rumored to dance in her own piss at Lollapalooza. So yes I had to be front row for this. First thing I said was "hey that's not the dude from the Locust, that's the dude from At the Drive-In." Her band has yet metamorphosed again, with Omar Rodriguez Lopez and a female drummer. She was fun to watch, her movidas were insane and she climbed the rafters like a loca should. Then at the end of her set she jumps off the stage and runs to the middle of the grass. I'm sure there's pictures out there with me right next to her, we chanted, we raised her up and took her back to the Gobi. I said 'cuidado con la palma!' as she almost cut herself taking pictures, but I'm sure she could handle it. Fall in love with her too. Angie said Metronomy (same time) was awesome and then conflict #2 for the day was Santigold vs. Seun Kuti and Egypt 80. Goldenvoice put funkybeat against afrobeat at the exact same time and I wanted to do both but once Seun Kuti started you couldn't pull me away. We walked up to the front and stood mesmerized in front of a dozen musicians, including two dancers that moved like no one at Coachella. We did not stop dancing, I don't even remember when Angie left, it was the best. Here's how the white kids loved it. We clapped loudly and moved on to Santigold. Note the obnoxious unused VIP section, mierda. Santigold, we actually got to see the last 3 songs but trust...if given the opportunity I would miss her again for Seun Kuti, that good. The funk continued when she ended her set to Big Mouth. This song is so funky live. We walked back to the outdoor theater, to sit through Los Growlers. They're local boys who sound like local boys from the surf 60s era, with a mariachi horn here or there. Perfect sunny grooves from another Muppet of a man. We heard their full fuzzy set then had time to get more Crab Fries to feed the weekend's foodie addiction. Wild Flag was next, Carrie Brownstein got her Sleater Kinney grrrls (minus one) to play music again. She must've been annoyed with dorks screaming Portlandia quotes because she said "thanks for watching" and Carlos says people chattered "I didn't know she made music"...annoying. But I'll admit that Angie and I looked out for Fred Armisen. I even went to the gate with some trash to see if I could toss my trash backstage, I did do that. Rockera. I had to do a costume change so part deuce...

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