Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coachella Weekend #2 Kids Camp

Those that know me know that I go to Coachella every year, every day...until 2012. Our friends at Goldenvoice decided to widen their audience by making it fair for more folks to attend. Let's see how this experiment transpires. I would be crying to get in both weekends and doing my best to make it happen if I was young and healthy enough to handle the physical beatdown of Coachella. This event has been my official end of hibernation celebration, my coming out, the reason I shave my legs and hunt down dresses to match my perfect pedicure. But this year, thanks to my plantar fasciitis I'll be rocking my frumpy new balance sneakers because fashion before comfort is not happening.


If you are a parent that needs to be at Coachella, and does not have the convenience of having a trusted relative or friend in the vicinity then I am your girl. I'll be at Coachella weekend #1 with my crew and perhaps one or both of my babies but I will be back to take care of yours in my home. I live 3 miles away from the polo grounds and you'll have the peace of mind knowing that you could have fun at the show without putting your child's safety in jeopardy. I see you parents looking stressed out, trying not to be too close to the speakers, letting your partner get closer for the picture and you sitting in the back wishing you could be up in the front like you used to be. I GET IT!!

Coachella WITH KIDS is like this...

-negotiating with security to let the snacks and water in
-smuggling shade and capri suns in stroller
-changing diapers in shady lonely grassy area
-looking for those ear plugs you thought you brought
-becoming friends with the first aid tent
-never going into sahara tent, not even close
-getting there late to avoid the heat
-leaving early to avoid the cold
-missing daft punk

I'm mother to a 3 year old train loving boy and a 6 year old sassy craft making girl. I hold an elementary school credential and have taught in Coachella Valley and Los Angeles schools.

Contact me if interested at Serious inquiries only!

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