Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chuntster's Guide to Coachella

The Coachella Valley is my home, doesn't matter where I live. When I was a student at Indio High School I always wanted cool shows to go to. The date festival concerts, the Art Laboe killer oldies concert, the POWER 101 summer concert jam, the backyard and palm grove 'raves', the all ages clubs and the many 15neras were my only musical outlets.

The real Coachella is a hard working Mexican community. In the 90s it was known for its banda clubs and the Chalino/cowboy look was born and bred here. This is the city that boasts Pollo Dieta buy one get one free chicken Sundays and the original Toda Moda. Coachella also had a mala fama of being a cholo hangout. So this is why it boggled my mind when in 1999 a music festival down the street from my home base was going to be called COACHELLA. It's still hilarious to me that Coachella is on the map, it's a true international word now synonymous as a meeting place for music lovers. Really? Really.

I'm in love with this festival and I have ten years worth of stories to share. I'll be posting up some tips for newbies, there are some essentials to survive the desert. I have been victim to mistakes: wearing black pants that made my sweaty legs turn purple, the chafing situation (come on big girls you can relate) losing cameras and friends. Coachella 1999 made me so happy, but I left thinking "this is never going to happen again". The landscape seemed so huuuge then since there weren't that many of us, now you literally sweat other people's sweat.

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  1. coachella, all cholos, the city at the end of, and beyond highway 111...yea, i doubt they would ever call it INDIO, the INDIO MUSIC FESTIVAL, lol, aint no homage to indios girl/anyways, yea, coachella to me is where i went to the indoor swapmeet, toda moda, and in 8th grade, drill teamed my ass through their xmas day parade. good times. have fun.