Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VIERNES::India Pata Rajada

We parked with no drama next to Mountain Vista elementary in lot 2. I didn't realize it was a school day today until I saw the kids at recess clinging on to the chain link fence to sneak a peek at the pink skinned music fans slathering sunblock and drinking from coolers. A fan with massive amount of chalk and time created a welcome sign up on the wall, it was time.

The back entrance was a waste, small tight lines only to get searched again at the main entrance. Carlos, Jimmy and I have been coming to Coachella since 1999 (every year) so we immediately and annoyingly start to take mental notes of the new/old. The posters of Coachella past were up on the trees, a huge ferris wheel welcomed us, that robot that chased me out years ago was harassing someone...yes we were home. We picked up a stack of little guides and headed towards the Sahara tent.

DJ Lance Rock and the entire Yo Gabba Gabba gang were dancing to the bass heavy beats. I felt a rush of mama guilt knowing how much my babies love this show, it went away quick when I realized that there were no kids around me. I picked up some paper glasses for them as souvenirs and walked to the next act, so yummy so yummy.

Sleigh Bells (signed to MIA's label) were funky cool with a screaming female lead singer but the first full set we had to catch was on the main stage.

Calle 13
desde Puerto Rico gave a great show but the sun had no mercy and dancing like I wanted to dance only lasted 3 songs. Totally relating to this lyric from cumbia de abburridos "Mira la gordita metiendo la barriga, mira como se fatiga" Yep, I got overheated pretty quick. They had about 11 musicians on stage playing everything from a teapot to a water bottle. Residente, Visitante and their sister are raw talent, loved them.

She and Him vs. Street Sweeper Social Club Zooey is absolutely adorable, Jimmy fell in love with her. She and Him songs could have also been welcomed at Stagecoach festival, folksy acoustic jams that sound like her cotton commercial. Once the main stage begun I was able to hear the mash-up of funk coming from Tom Morello and Boots Riley. Sounded good from afar.

The Specials are legends, they've been around since 1977 and they give a great show. Original ska beats that may sound like one long song after a while but an awesome long song. Well deserved time slot on the main stage.

We explored the recycling tent to get my free bottle of water and stumbled into the Kin Lounge to play some Ms. Pac Man and charge Carlos' phone a bit. We passed by living legend Gil Scott Heron to hear him restart a song like 3 times and walked towards the Passion Pit at the Outdoor Theater; they're a band I could really get into.

Them Crooked Vultures consist of Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and John Paul "Fucken" Jones as Carlos kept calling him. I fell in love with Dave Grohl here, his beefy drumming tattoed papa arms. Arrrr. Loud stoner desert rock, made me feel like an ant caught in those dust devils sonically swirling as the song got bigger and bigger...then stop. Josh Homme was happy to be playing at home, gave us locals a shout out. It was great, best band of the night.

We left TCV with one song to go towards Echo and the Bunnymen and to indulge in our first round of Ruth Chris' hamburger sliders. Damn you little burgers! I was so happy to hear my two favorite songs back to back 'Lips Like Sugar' and 'Killing Moon' which Ian introduced as "the best song in the world" and yes at that moment it was.

LCD Soundsystem Oh James Murphy, you pasty son of a bitch. I don't know if he's really like this or he plays it up but he's the most non-chalant, bitter man. He always acts as if he'd rather be somewhere else, then he talked crap about being followed by Jay-Z then he thanked us saying 'it was an honor to play for you all'. See!! It would suck to be in love with him. His music made me dance barefoot since by this time I was almost in tears because of ankle blisters (all my fault). He had one song left since Jay-Z was next (he kept reminding us) and had us decide LCD::"Do you want New York?" US:: "Nooooo!!!" LCD::"Ok, you want Yeah?" US:: "YeaaaH!!!" He then started the longest funkiest version of that song which got me super happy. Then that New York song started. See!?!? He's a roller coaster, one that makes you beg for more.

We left to check out the art at night, the balloons were lit up, the Do-Lab had their erotic city going on, muralists at work, the giant bong thing. There was a massive crowd for Vampire Weekend and they all went crazy for that one minute song. Whatever. We walked back to Jay-Z only to be stuck next to a speaker tower full of stupid kids turning it into a human totem pole. That thing was swinging and I was ready to go. Made plans to meet Carlos at Fever Ray and walked back to the origami crane. Saw like three Jay-Z songs but walked away as he chanted 'either love me or leave me alone'. Pues si, leaving you all alone with your 50,000 fans.

Ceu was being beautiful and Brazillian in her shiny dress in the Gobi tent, I got to experience one complete song and wished I had seen her more. This is when I saw that the Mojave tent was a mess for Fever Ray so I moved up in the Gobi. The tent began to fill with Mexican flags and I wondered why, the band next was The Whitest Boy Alive. I scooted to the front surrounded by fans, I was told that they have a huge Mexican fan base because of their label but they hail from Berlin Germany. Since I had battery life and I was in a prime spot I have the most footage for a band I discovered that night. Coachella gold. They were so good and genuinely honored to be playing that night.


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