Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the earth quakes

it's been in the back of my mind since i was in high school. the MEChA central conference at UCR had a workshop on the end of the world, i forget but the long haired xicano power told us teenagers that 2012 was it for us. perhaps. i remember reading somewhere, or maybe i heard it on cristina, that our calendar was 2 years off. so this year would indeed be 2012. perhaps.

what we know is that there has been major earthquakes this year. i remember telling my earth science class last year that there is only one major jumbo quake a year (7.0+). it's only april and there has been haiti, chile, mexicali and now indonesia. i'm not even checking the official stats, it's been a lot.

i'm thinking that i should not care about my awesome fico score anymore and just play with the credit again. i want to go to the hollywood bowl all summer and watch dudamel at the walt disney hall. i want to travel to mexico and guatemala and show off the babies before they can protest. i want to a house in the desert. i want a long weekend in santa barbara. i want to eat fancy. simple little dreams, i just want simple for a while before it all gets complicated.

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