Friday, April 20, 2012

Coachella 2012: Saturday the 14th

I woke up late Saturday and played with my kids in the real Coachella, California. We had pizza and then I dropped them off at Casa Hernandez/Johnson. I got to Coachella fest late, by the time St. Vincent was in the Gobi. So I missed out on Azealia Banks, who is 2 legit 2 quit so I know I'll see her soon. She's part vogue, house and hip-hop and is all 90s, and even has a song like where were you in '91 (similar to M.I.A) but she has her own estilo and was born in 1991. She's doing it right, google it.
St. Vincent, is beautiful Annie Clark and her band. Her voice is celestial, old school musical voice. Like Wizard of Oz, like Judy Garland and Julie Andrews, that kind of classical pretty. Compa Joaquin said she looked like Micheal Jackson. She's good, her band is good and then she does a song called krokodil that made her badass. Here's a clip. Not mine. We passed through Feist and Bon Iver and towards Godspeed You! Black Emperor for more stuff Carlos likes. I'm not hating it's just that apocalyptic music that scares me, especially since it was loud and we were up close. These men sat in a circle in chairs playing the shit out of their instruments with hyper images of chaos on the screen, like a musical seance with no rhyme or reason just strings a lo pendejo. Still not hating, it's just I'm not on drugs.
Radiohead is the real reason why I came back to the polo grounds today because I love Thom Yorke, that muppet of a man. We stood close to a tower of speakers, we heard his little assholeness loud and clear, when fans shouted "we love you!!!" he responded with "I love you too...just not as much as you think I do". Cabroncito. At this point, I am a lame Radiohead fan because I just want him to play Ok Computer, Kid A and Amnesiac and that's it. My favorite song of his set was Lucky and when he goes into "pull me out of the plane crash" I think I literally fell back into Carlos with the lights and toda la cosa. The set felt short, I wanted fireworks or some covers, I wanted to hear Airbag, I wanted more spacey shit. This dude who was still clapping by himself after the show was way over and people were walking away said "I can't believe he did Neil Young" I just shrugged my shoulders as he walked away with his blue light on his head. That little diddy before Everything In It's Right Place was a cover. Yo queria mas. Our friend Sarah hates this band. We all love this band, girl he says your name.


  1. We got plenty mas in Santa Barbara..from amnesiac, kid A and closing with paranoid android.. :) all in the soaking rain and loved every minute of it :)

  2. they did 20 songs, and that is a lot but you know i wanted 20 more.