Thursday, April 21, 2011

sometimes i wonder if the world's so small

This year I didn't troll the message boards, research the buzz bands, buy Coachella outfits. I didn't show up early to catch the small font bands or take an entrance picture. I held the camera once in those 3 days, barely spent money and showed up late. What I did do was laugh, cry and dance again. Under the sun, under the pink clouds and the full moon. I'll maybe get around to it before I forget, like I did for day 3 last year (scroll down). I'll give you my top 2 each day.

FRIDAY::: Caifanes and Interpol
SATURDAY::: One Day as a Lion and ARCADE FIRE
SUNDAY::: Strokes and PJ Harvey

Can you guess who was best in show? Alrato...

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