Friday, April 22, 2011

matame porque me muero

So I missed Sleigh Bells for the third time. Last year's Coachella was an introduction, we got too late to the Hollywood Bowl show to see them open for LCD and now my heart belonged to Interpol. We caught the full set of Interpol and yes we've seen them like 6 times already so you know what you're going to get and even though they got the sunset show and we weren't that close I felt them, I danced them and I loved them. Pa que te digo, even if I still scream "Where's Carlos D.?!?" they always give a solid performance. Paul's great on the huge stage. This is also where we first experienced the Creator's Project show.

There were intense graphics and lights and after their set the stage became a metal cube with apocalyptic sounds reminiscent of MBV. It was loud, it was great and repeated several times through out the weekend. We waited under the mirrored dandelions to wait for Angelica, we hugged until we cried and hustled over to the outdoor theatre.

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