Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinche Pendeja Rubia

I really tried to like xoJane, which is Jane Pratt's new online venture. Reading Sassy made me feel so empowered. As a young Latina growing up it opened my eyes to a new world and I felt smart and empowered to read the beautiful voices of young women. I read Jane when I couldn't find Bust magazine at news racks and when I moved to LA I even subscribed to Jane. I even submitted an article in to the "It Happened to ME" section because I needed $1,000 and my gall stone surgery almost killed me in 2003 and I wanted to share the glory. I received in email saying that they couldn't use it at the time. And the next month, Jane magazine was over. Now it's back since late of last year and I liked them on facebook only to get my walled spammed with too many articles about body image, addiction, hair dye, drugs, and body image in a "let me laugh at my fat before they do" kinda way that kills me. I thought I would love it but it's horrible. The website became a community blog for women who go to constant therapy and want you to look at them. The same bloggers are featured constantly and today after attempting to get through Emily's blog about going blonde she says...
And really, does anyone believe that blondes are having that much damn fun? You know who has a lot of fun? Sluts, of all colors. And drunk people. And children, because they're stupid.
This shit don't make mamabear smile anymore and unliking xoJane and their pathetic little stories made me feel empowered. That subject line up there was my original comment to the post then I deleted it and deleted them. Pos ni modo. Do you remember the time?